We will require a deposit in order to proceed with the organization of your tour or excursion. This guarantees the service we will provide and also guarantees you that your reservation will be processed. The amount of this deposit is calculated according to the cost of the tour or tour package you contract with Perúyacuexpeditions.com and will be allocated as follows:

Deposits are per person and are not transferable to another passenger or another tour.

For all day tours, you must pay the total of the tour based on a cost per person, if they are less than or equal to the deposit established by our Peruyacuexpeditions.com.

This payment must be made by the bank (Scotiabank) and must be paid plus the 5% percentage of the service charged by the bank.

For all tours of more than one day, the deposit will be $150 dollars per person.

For packages or tours costing more than $600 dollars, the deposit must be $200 dollars for each person.

For customized packages costing more than $1000 dollars, the deposit will be $400 dollars for each person.


The payment of your tour will be paid with a maximum of 5 days in advance before the beginning of your tour, with more time in advance, according to your preference. This payment will be made by the bank mentioned above (Scotiabank), bank transfer, cash at our office.

All payment methods will always incur in the payment of a percentage that in the case of the Bank (Scotiabank) is 5% of the total amount paid.



Our company when committing with you in the mission of organizing your tour or excursion, also has the responsibility to organize it with enough time, reserving entrance tickets, necessary permits ,hotels and restaurants if it is the case, and all the logistics that we will need for your trip. It is for all this, that you make use of your deposit once we receive it, so this deposit is not 100% refundable. Therefore, should you have to cancel your tour with us; which we hope will never have to happen. This deposit will not be refunded in any way, because of the above.

Of course we understand that unexpected situations can happen at any time in people’s lives, and we are not oblivious to situations beyond our control, however, we expect you as a company to also be responsible for any circumstances that may lead to a cancellation.

If you cancel one month in advance: 50% of the total cost of your tour will be charged.
If you cancel 2 weeks in advance, 70% of the total cost of your tour will be charged.
If you cancel less than one week in advance, the total cost of the tour will be charged.

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